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Ashley Hise - Clay Artist 


I have always been drawn in by the growth patterns found in shells and bones - they call to mind the ancient, reassuring relationship between transfiguration and time.  The ridges and curves in my work are inspired by the bones; they are fluid and unfolding, graceful and strong, they speak to me of water, birth and the evolving nature of physical existence.  


During my process of wheel-throwing, sculpting and firing I like to emphasize that which is not in my control: the cracks that form as the clay is stretched along a curve, the movement and mixing of glazes as they reacte to the heat of the kiln, and the materials in the clay that flash and blush from the kiln atmosphere. 



I always had a penchant for art and exploration; after growing up in Stevens Point Wisconsin I was drawn to the mountains of NC, where I started with clay as a studio apprentice, followed by a community college professional crafts program. Working with children in the Caribean gave me the push to pursue a degree in art eduction here at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Becoming a mother, wife and teacher here as well as learning more about my connection to the Anishinabeg people through my Grandmother has deepened my sense of belonging and brought more meaning to the artistic inspiration I feel in this beautiful place.


The Edge Center for the Arts made a video about my process - check it out here!: 

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Ashley Hise Ceramics, Duluth, Minnesota 

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