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Rising Water


Statement about this Series 

Over the past few years and into 2021 our country has experienced groundswells of change from social and environmental justice movements that have arisen and helped us more collectively reconcile with difficult truths. The pandemic has brought about a new sense of vulnerability and fragility but has also been a catalyst for considering new possibilities in the way we organize as a society. At times it has felt like teetering on the edge of chaos and collapse and at times like a wave of transformation into something stronger, more just, more inclusive and more aware. In this series I’m trying to capture these complexities with a feeling of transfiguration and a motion of rising. I encourage the clay to crack by stretching it around the curves of wheel-thrown vessels. I then carve it to the point of collapse and high-fire it. The high temperature of the kiln can cause the clay to warp and twist but also strengthens it while creating an atmosphere in which the glazes mix and crystallize. Trying to integrate these awkward or difficult aspects of working with clay into my studio practice has provided inspiration and helped me embrace change as a threshold of possibility. This approach has provided a sense of grace and comfort for me spiritually as well as hope for our collective future.


Ocean Incarnate and Rise, part of the Arrowhead Regional Biennial, Juror's Choice Award, 2021